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Survival & Bivouac equipment

We offer a wide selection ofequipment, gear andaccessories for camping, survival, bivouac or field activities. Whether you're a professional or a private civilian, we can provide you with military-quality equipment for any situation! See also our tactical pants

When you're out and about in the heart of the forest or jungle, it's essential to have the essential survival gear in your possession. Whether you're a professional or an individual, Mode Tactique offers a wide range ofbushcraft tools andequipment to ensure you're prepared for every eventuality. Discover our military-quality survival gear. Of course, we're here to support you with videos and data sheets, so you can find the right survival gear for your adventures and the areas you'll be exploring. Mode tactique the reference for military gear and equipment

American Sterile Absorbent Dressing 20x20cm

This is a 20x20cm super-absorbent sterile dressing. It can be used to stop venous or arterial bleeding. You can place the absorbent dressing against the wound and compress it, wrapping the dressing and limb with a stretch bandage.Absorbent is also known as"American" because it was widely used as a multitasking dressing by World War 2 American Medics on the battlefield.

Fire Starter Steel Small Mil-Tec®

SmallFire Steel fire starter is a basic piece of survival equipment. Small magnesium stick with scraper that produces high-temperature sparks to ignite a kindling module.Can be used with theFire Steel tinder. A must-have in any good survival kit.

Aniosgel Gel 85NPC 30ml

- Brand: Anios- Model: Aniosgel 85NPC- Capacity: 30ml- Composition: ethanol 85%, glycerine, gelling agent- Spectrum of activity: bactericide, fungicide, virucide- Action time: 30 seconds- Fragrance-free, dye-free- Pleasant gel texture- Complies with EN 14476, EN 1276 and EN 1650 standards

Non-sterile blue Nitrile gloves

These powder-free, non-sterile, ambidextrous blue nitrile gloves are highly resistant and provide better protection against chemicals, acids and the transmission of infectious agents. They are used in particular in the healthcare sector and for medical examinations.

Foldable toothbrush BCB

The BCB folding toothbrush is amust-have hygiene tool in your toiletry bag. This folding toothbrush is lightweight and compact. Easy to rinse and long-lasting, it will accompany you on hikes, bivouacs or as a vanlife accessory.

Sutures 3M Steri-Strip x10

3M steri-strips are aquick and effective way ofapplying a suture without the need for thread and needle. This greatly reduces the risk of wound aggravation and infection. Ideal for closing shallow wounds.How to use:Place a long sticky strip on each side of the wound and place Steri-Strips across it, bringing the sides together. Always work from the same edge to the other. The 2 edges must be against each other for healing to take place.

Commando chainsaw 64cm Miltec

This commando saw is a must-have in every good survival kit. Based on commando saw models, this chainsaw can cut much larger diameters than others, thanks to its dual cutting direction. This willsave youprecious heat energy in survival or bushcraft situations. This commando saw is equipped with two nylon handles for better grip, as well as a storage case with clip and belt loop.

FireDragon Fuel Gel 200ml BCB

Firedragon fuel gel BCB is ideal forlighting a fire or a stove during your hikes or bivouacs. Firedragon fuel gel BCB can be used tolight a fire in all weather conditions (rain, wind, snow). It's a clean, ecological, non-toxic gel fuel. The estimated burning time is indicated on the packaging (200ml corresponds to approx. 75 - 100 min.)

Dual knife sharpener Victorinox

TheDual sharpener from Victorinox® is the perfect portable solution for sharpening all your smooth-edged blades.This Dual sharpener comes in a pen format and weighs just 40g. It features a ceramic notch and a whetstone section.

FireDragon Fuel Gel 200ml BCB

Firedragon fuel gel BCB is ideal forlighting a fire or a stove during your hikes or bivouacs. Firedragon fuel gel BCB can be used tolight a fire in all weather conditions (rain, wind, snow). It's a clean, ecological, non-toxic gel fuel. The estimated burning time is indicated on the packaging (200ml corresponds to approx. 75 - 100 min.)

Emergency ration NRG-5 ZERO Trek'N Eat

The NRG-5 ZERO emergency ration is made with high-quality ingredients and comes in 9 individual bars covering the daily energy needs of an adult.NRG-5 ZERO bars can be eaten directly without preparation, but can also be combined with water to make a porridge.Each box of NRG-5 ZERO weighs 500g for 2325kcal, is Vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free.The NRG-5 ZERO emergency ration is the ideal choice for preparing an evacuation bag.

TREKKER Olive Highlander military hammock

The Trekker is a lightweight, durable hammock and a great item to have in your backpack. Made from sturdy polyamide and supplied with a suspension kit and utility cord, this Trekker hammock is quick and easy to set up, enabling you to sleep in the toughest conditions on cold, damp or uneven ground.

Tourniquet Express Opex

Tactical tourniquet in heavy-duty nylon and aluminum. Suitable for rapid intervention in the event of external hemorrhage: reliable clamping technique thanks to a rod that simply rotates until the bleeding stops on the cut limb (hand, arm, leg, foot). Compact, practical format. For professional use only.

Trekkers Survival Kit CK015L BCB

Excellent for backpacking, mountaineering and trekking when you need quality essential survival gear.This BCB Adventure Trekkers survival box was created and assembled using years of outdoor bush knowledge and user feedback.Containing just about every tool needed to survive in the outdoors.

Emergency Tarpaulin 210x150 Green MFH

Emergency tarpaulin for use as a survival blanket. This emergency tarpaulin is reinforced at the corners and has 4 eyelets for fastening.The emergency tarpaulin can be used as a ground sheet to increase your insulation from the ground when bivouacking.

Fold-A-Cup® Big Sable Wildo folding cup

Wildo's Fold-A-Cup® BIG is a BPA-free folding mug that withstands both hot and cold, and measures just 3.8 cm when folded. It's the ideal travel companion for any adventure. The cup has a small handle for easy handling without the risk of burning yourself, and holds 60 cl.

What survival gear is right for a bushcraft outing?

To cope with a survival situation or a bushcraft outing, it's very important to assemble the essential survival gear, taking into account the area to be explored, the degree of autonomy and the useful weight you'll be able to carry. In fact, for total autonomy, it's important to carry survival gear that can be used for everything - making a fire, drinking, eating, sheltering in bad weather, sleeping, etc. - while avoiding carrying unnecessary weight. The reliability of your survival gear is an important factor. That's why the Mode tactique team selects military-grade bushcraft equipment to meet the needs of professionals and adventure-seeking individuals alike.

What do you need to survive in the wilderness?

Here is Mode Tactique's list of essential survival gear:

A survival kit

This must be as light as possible, compact and versatile. The survival kit includes: a first-aid kit, indispensable for dealing with minor injuries, a survival blanket, a survival mirror, a survival whistle, etc.

A paracord survival bracelet

The paracord survival bracelet means you'll always have between 2 and 5 m of rope with you, whether you're building a cabin, fishing or making a brace...

A sturdy backpack

Choose a light but sturdy 35 to 50L backpack, combined with a waterproof bag or rucksack cover, to keep all your survival gear dry and mobile.

A survival knife

A survival knife should be sturdy enough to carry a stick, versatile and sharp enough to cope with all eventualities.

A compass OPEX

For good orientation in the forest, we've selected military compasses of the compass type OPEX combined with the IGN map holder. A fire starter. A fire starter should always be accompanied by compact fuel to keep you warm and eat hot.

Waterproof sleeping bag and Tarp

the TARP is another vital piece of equipment, providing shelter or protection in the event of bad weather. The TARP is a lightweight military tarpaulin weighing just a few hundred grams. A waterproof military sleeping bag or hammock will be your best allies when it comes to resting at night.

A filtering water bottle

The filtering gourd is the key to hydration: carry and purify water throughout your expedition.

A survival axe or machete

Opt for professional survival equipment for a successful outdoor outing full of adventure, but in complete safety because you're well equipped. If you're new to survival, take a look at our inexpensive, affordable survival equipment for an introduction to bushcraft.

What's the difference between a survival axe and a bushcraft machete?

On a bushcraft outing, there are some interesting questions to ask. For example, it's important to know the difference between a survival axe and a survival machete, so you can make the best possible choice when preparing your pack. A survival axe may not be indispensable for a stay in the great outdoors, but it can nevertheless be a good tool for building a sturdy camp, or for gathering firewood. Survival axes are more commonly used in temperate environments. On the other hand, if you're going abroad, the survival machete will enable you to operate in the rainforest. Much longer and more powerful than a survival knife, the machete can be used to cut a path through dense, low-lignified vegetation, keep an enemy at a distance or clear an area. It can easily replace the need for a knife in your survival gear if you're operating in a tropical zone. Don't hesitate to call on the advice of our professionals, to fully plan your bushcraft adventure and opt for the best professional survival equipment.