Miscellaneous & Accessories for law enforcement - Tactical mode

Miscellaneous & Accessories

Sig Pro 2022 empty chamber indicator

The Sig Pro 2022 empty-chamber indicator is an indispensable accessory for securing the weapon on the shooting range. It allows you to quickly check the weapon. The SP2022 empty chamber indicator is made of polymer and is identical to the one used by law enforcement agencies.
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KD One Belt Black ClawGear

The KD ONE belt is single-layer and multifunctional. It features a 44mm wide, Mil-Spec webbing and 25mm Austrialpin Cobra buckle to provide a lightweight, stable and comfortable belt platform.

Wallet FDO 3 Volets GK Pro

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GK Pro's new professional card holders are adapted to the new Police and Gendarmerie cards. A new system makes it easy to take out and put back your card. A flap with a business card slot and a medal allows the wallet to be used while concealing the business card.

FDO mini 2-flap GK Pro card case

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The new FDO mini 2-panel cardholder is recognizable by its small size and practical, ergonomic vertical orientation. Its carefully selected leather composition gives it a modern, timeless design, while being particularly durable over time.

100m Signaling Tape

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- Model: 100m signalling tape- Material: PVC- Length: 100m- Width: 5cm- Color: bright red- Weatherproof, abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant- Easy to use and cut- Lightweight, easy to transport

Modular Belt Set Black Tasmanian Tiger

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Flat combat belt with laser-cut MOLLE system. The belt has hook strips on the inside so you can attach it to an underbelt. It comes in four sizes and features a 45 mm COBRA® buckle. The belt is 43 mm wide, with a MOLLE slot and buckle on the top side measuring 43 x 30 mm.