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Survival accessory, first aid kit from our survival equipment category

Instant Cold Pack YLEA

Instant cold pack from YLEAthis instant cold pack allows you to generate cold quickly and effectively. This medical item is widely used in the treatment of traumas such as knees and ankles, but also to relieve pain.

Amadou Survival firelighter Mil-Tec

Thetinder allows you to make a fire in a survival or bushcraft situation. It's a must-have survival and bivouac material.Burns slowly for around 3 minutes, giving you enough time to make your ignition module, or light your wood-burning stove.Fire-lighter tinder is an essential component for making fire quickly and in bad weather.This pack contains 8 fire-lighter tinder, which is perfect for completing survival kits.

American Sterile Absorbent Dressing 20x20cm

This is a 20x20cm super-absorbent sterile dressing. It can be used to stop venous or arterial bleeding. You can place the absorbent dressing against the wound and compress it, wrapping the dressing and limb with a stretch bandage.Absorbent is also known as"American" because it was widely used as a multitasking dressing by World War 2 American Medics on the battlefield.