Medical safety equipment - Tactical mode


Essential medical equipment for fire and security guard missions. SSIAP and PSC1 kits. All you need to complete your first-aid kit.

POC-Kit Extra light extraction stretcher

The Poc-KIT flexible stretcher can carry loads of up to 150 kg and has a folded size of 16 x 9 cm. This lightweight stretcher weighs just 250g. It's easy to transport, and a quick-release nylon bag means you can use the stretcher quickly when you need it.

Tourniquet Express Opex

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Tactical tourniquet in heavy-duty nylon and aluminum. Suitable for rapid intervention in the event of external hemorrhage: reliable clamping technique thanks to a rod that simply rotates until the bleeding stops on the cut limb (hand, arm, leg, foot). Compact, practical format. For professional use only.