Grenades and launchers

Flash Bang FBG-4 120dB 2Sec


Sound intensity: 120 dB, effectively simulating a real explosion.
Safety: Non-pyrotechnic design, using a risk-free sound mechanism.
Ease of use: Simple activation for seamless integration into the action.
Materials: Made from durable materials, guaranteeing safe, repeated use.
Versatility: Perfect for military training, airsoft scenarios and tactical role-playing.
Compliance: Meets safety standards for training and leisure activities.

Grenade TAG-P67 Talc x1


Safety: Filled with talcum powder, offering safe use with no real risk of explosion.
Time to launch: 3.0-5.0 seconds
Realism: Faithfully reproduces the look and feel of the M67 grenade, with particular attention to detail.
P-67-Mfilling - White chalk or talcum powder
Material: Durable, impact-resistant and lightweight ABS shell.
How to use: Simple activation for realistic practice.
Versatility: Ideal for armed forces training, airsoft games and historical re-enactments.
Compliance: Meets safety standards for use in re-enactment and training.
Weight 140 grams
Pyrotechnic class P1 (EN 16263-3)
Risk of acoustic radiation not exceeding 125 dB
Hazardous arearadius 15 meters
Waterproof IP66 (Note: does not withstand rain or short-term immersion in water)
Shelf life 24 months from date of manufacture.