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Radio, Telephone, walkie-talkie, accessories

Bodyguard AS-31-V Motorola T Series 2.5mm headset

- Brand: Motorola- Model: Bodyguard AS-31-V- Plug type: 2.5mm jack- Ergonomic design for optimum comfort- Clip for convenient use- Reinforced cable for high resistance to wear and tear- Noise-cancelling microphone for optimum audio quality- High-quality speaker for clear, crisp listening- Compatible with Motorola T Series

Radio Shortie-82 Dual Band Baofeng

The Shortie-82 was created in cooperation with the Baofeng company and is called a duobander, i.e. a radio operating in two frequency ranges - VHF and UHF. However, dual-band is not all this device has to offer. More elements have been reproduced in the Shortie-82, making it a highly versatile tool for radio communications in the air, on land and at sea.