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We've put together all the basic accessories you need to keep your electronic equipment running smoothly. Battery, mains charger, USB, cigarette lighter and cables.

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Fenix AER-05 remote switch

The AER-05 remote switch is designed for tactical flashlights with APF circuits, such as the TK16 V2.0. Its rear adapter is made of A6061-T6 aluminum with a hard-anodized, abrasion-resistant finish. The double rear panel includes a silent pressure-cushion switch and a round tactical switch, for easy operation of momentary or constant lighting.
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TRS1 remote switch for Klarus tactical lamp

- Remote ignition for tactical lamp;- Klarus lamp compatible: 360X1 / 360X3 / FX10 / XT2CR / XT11GT / XT11S / XT11UV / XT11X / XT12GT / XT12S;- Weight: 43 g;- Spiral cable;- Compressed cable length: 29.4 cm;- Stretched cable length: 55 cm;- Waterproof system / Waterproof IPX8;- Cap dimensions: Diameter 26.2 mm / Length 32.7 mm;- Round switch for access to maximum intensity then rectangular switch to select other modes;- Rectangular switch for access to strobe mode;