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Belts & Waistbands

Cordura or canvas belts and waistbands, with or without safety features

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Modular Belt Set Coyote Brown Tasmanian Tiger


Sizes: S: approx. 90 cm - max. 105 cm / M: approx. 100 cm - max. 115 cm / L: approx. 115 cm - max. 127 cm / XL: approx. 125 cm - max. 135 cm (measured without COBRA buckle)
Weight: Size S: 350 g, Size M: 380 g, Size L: 415 g, Size XL: 435 g
Composition: Polyester
45 mm COBRA® buckle
Inner belt with hook-and-loop fasteners included
MOLLE Laser Cut system
Number of MOLLE loops: size S: 19 / size M: 22 / size L: 25 / size XL: 28
Color: Coyote Brown

Belts and Waistbands: The fashion accessory that combines style and functionality

Belts and waistbands are much more than just accessories to keep our pants in place. They play an essential role in our clothing style and can even add a touch of functionality to our outfits. At Mode-Tactique.fr, we understand the importance of choosing the right belt to complete your look. In this article, we'll explore the different belt options available, answer your most frequently asked questions and help you make the best choice for your personal style.

What's the difference between a belt and a waistcoat?

The main difference between a belt and a waistband is their width. Belts are generally thinner and designed for everyday use, while belts are wider and sturdier, intended for more intensive use. Belts are often associated with workwear or military outfits, while belts are better suited to formal or casual occasions.

What types of belt are available?

At Mode-Tactique.fr, we offer a variety of belts to suit all tastes and styles. Here are just some of the types of belt you can find on our site:
1. Leather belts: Classic and versatile, leather belts add a touch of elegance to any outfit.
2. Braided belts: Perfect for a more casual look, braided belts offer comfort and style.
3. Canvas belts: Strong and durable, canvas belts are ideal for outdoor activities and casual wear.
4. Elastic belts: Comfortable and adjustable, elastic belts are practical for everyday use.

How to choose the right belt size?

To choose the right belt size, it's essential to measure your waist circumference at the exact point where you plan to wear the belt. Use a soft tape measure and make sure it fits snugly without being too tight. Once you have your measurement, you can refer to the size guide available on our site to find the corresponding belt size.

What are the advantages of belts over conventional belts?

Belts offer several advantages over conventional belts. Their width and sturdiness make them ideal options for physical activities or jobs requiring extra strength. What's more, many belts feature quick-release buckles or innovative fastening systems, making them practical and easy to use. They are also very popular with those who prefer a military or urban style.