Filtration & Purification

Filtration & Purification

Katadyn VARIO Water filter

Perfect for small groups, the Katadyn Vario is an ultra-light, compact and resourceful companion. It removes bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores and sediment. Replaceable activated carbon granules reduce chemical content.The ceramic washer can be switched to "LONGER LIFE" mode (1L/min) if the water is turbid. In "FASTER LOW" mode, water flows directly through the fiberglass filter and pump power increases to 2L/min.

Katadyn HIKER PRO Water filter


Technology: Pump filter. 0.2-micron pleated fiberglass cartridge with anti-fouling membrane and integrated activated carbon
Action : Eliminates bacteria, protozoa (cysts, amoebas, etc.), algae, spores and sediments.
Reduces unpleasant tastes and odors in water
Flow rate: Approx. 1 L/min
Lifetime: Up to 1150 liters, depending on water quality
Weight: 233 g
Dimensions: 7.6 x 16.5 x 6.1 cm
Warranty: 2 years
Materials: Plastic and silicone
Accessories: Pre-filter, 2 hoses, bottle adapter, storage bag

Peak Series Col 1 Life Straw

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- Brand: Life Straw- Model: Peak Series Col 1 filter straw- Dimensions: 23 cm x 2.5 cm- Weight: 57 grams- Advanced three-stage filtration technology: Pre-filter to remove large particles Activated carbon filter to reduce unwanted odors and tastes 0.2-micron hollow-fiber filter to remove bacteria, protozoa and pathogens- Filtration capacity up to 1000 liters of water- Reduces chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals from water- Suitable for use in hiking, camping, travel, survival and emergency situations- Easy to use and clean- Supplied with protective cap and lanyard for easy transportation

Katadyn Micropur Forte MF 1T DCCNa Water Purification

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Fast, effective water disinfection (use on clear water). Micropur Forte should be part of every traveler's toiletry kit (toothbrushing, etc.). Presence of silver ions prevents bacterial proliferation for up to 6 months. Use in addition to a filter on turbid water. Use: travel, trekking, camping, etc