Armament cleaning

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning materials for your weapons

Sig Pro 2022 empty chamber indicator

The Sig Pro 2022 empty-chamber indicator is an indispensable accessory for securing the weapon on the shooting range. It allows you to quickly check the weapon. The SP2022 empty chamber indicator is made of polymer and is identical to the one used by law enforcement agencies.

Cleanser 59ml Breakthrough

Copper remover Breakthrough® Clean's "Copper Remover" in 59 ml provides safe, effective copper cleaning without petroleum or ammonia. It removes copper easily and prevents re-deposition. Can be used in all types of barrels without damaging or polluting them, while avoiding the very strong, noxious odors of other products on the market.

Oil 085 CLP 3in1 118ml OTIS


Capacity: 118 ml
Bottle with spout
3-in-1 gun oil
Cleans carbon, powder residues and dirt from metal surfaces
Deposits a thin film that stops rust and corrosion for long-lasting protection
Penetrates interstices

Battle Rope 2.0 .357/.38/9mm Breakthrough

The Battle Rope 2. 0 cleaning cord is the perfect maintenance option for when you're on the move, especially at the range. This new version features an integrated folding pull handle that also acts as a weight, allowing the cord to pass easily through the barrel of your firearm.