Essential accessories for setting up your bivouac

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Bivouac tools and accessories.

EDCX Paracorde 550 Type III Black Forest 30m

Paracord is a multi-purpose rope widely used in survivalist, outdoor and military circles. Originally used by parachutists as a suspension line. Its breaking strength of 250 kg makes it an indispensable and versatile accessory. Each internal strand can be used independently.

Highlander Trekker Compact mosquito net


Ultra Fine Mesh: 400 holes per square inch for superior protection against the smallest insects.
Lightweight and compact: Easy to carry in your backpack without compromising space or weight.
Dimensions: 200cm x 115cm x 175cm, perfect for covering a single bed or sleeping bag.
Material: 100% Polyester, durable and easy to clean.
Installation: Hangs in a single cone or corner, with minimal effort required to set up.
Transport: Supplied with carry bag for added convenience.