Military camouflage net - Tactical mode

Camouflage net

Military camouflage netting is perfect for utility or decoration. These camouflage tarpaulins can also be used as a privacy screen to hide you from prying eyes. Military camouflage netting can also be used as shade cloth. You can attach your camouflage netting to your pergola to shelter your terrace from the sun.

Camouflage Netting Shade Sail Broadleaf 5x5m Desert Camo Systems

- Dimensions: 5 x 5 m (30 m²)- Composition: 100% Polyester- Covered with Polyurethane- Weight: 4.6 kg- Perfect sun protection for garden, terrace or balcony- Hard-wearing ripstop fabric- Reversible color (white and gray)- Mould-resistant- UV-resistant- Gives 70-80% shade- The net lets the wind through so heat can't build up- Refined steel wire frame with 4 straps for easy hanging- Color : Desert (one side coyote, the other sand)

How to install a camouflage net?

One camouflage net may be tense, but it is recommended to let it rest on ties in wood, metal, cables or ropes. In particular for reinforced camouflage nets. Most of these tasks camouflages will eyelets allowing it to be attached. For camouflage nets without reinforcements, you can use plastic necklaces and pass through paracorde on the tower military net. Plastic necklaces are especially recommended because they are much less abrasive than metal or wire.
It is also advisable not to tighten them too much to let him military camouflage net move one can when the wind gets in the air camouflage sheet.

For one reinforced camouflage net, the fixation is much easier because it already has rope and eyelets to facilitate pose. Paracord and plastic necklaces can be enough.

If your camouflage net does not have additional reinforcement you can place paracorde 550 on the entire perimeter of the net. Make sure to pass it above and below the camouflage net all 3 sts to maximize the stability of the rope and the strength of your installation.
We offer you white camouflage nets, of beige camouflage nets and military camouflage nets.

Which camouflage net choose?

They don't all give the same shade. There are english camouflage nets with an important foliage that gives more'shadow. But one camosystem camouflage net requires to be doubled to provide a shade sufficient. Especially if you are exposed south. We also offer swedish camouflage nets with reinforcements, which can not be doubled as the'shade is enough. English camouflage nets and Swedish camouflage nets are therefore interesting choices.

If you wish a cheap military camouflage net we recommend camosystems camouflage nets that have an excellent value for money. You can also choose the length of your net thanks to our service cut to meter. Cut to meter allows more flexibility in your installation.

All our nets resist wind, wind UV, at the discoloration and moulds ! You will also find some fire nets. A net imputrescible is an interesting choice if you want to leave it out all year.

There are many different dimensions. We offer you reinforced camouflage nets 3x4. Des large camouflage nets size 7,5x7,5 and until 9x9m. The camouflage net 4x4 strengthened or 3x3m strengthened are good solution if you want to install it on one pergola for your terrace. The net also exists in the cut to meter for more flexibility.

We have selected for you ranges of varied colors. You have the choice of white camouflage nets, of beige camouflage net and military camouflage net green/brown.

If you're looking for a camouflage net for hunting, we have cheap and durable models. You will find models of camouflage nets hunting ground and water imputrescible and reinforced with cordage. This range of camouflage earth and water is very useful for the hunting pigeons or ducks.