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Discover our specialized range of personal defense equipment, designed to bring security and confidence to your everyday life. Our selection, ideal forself-defense, includes reliable and effective tools suitable for everyone. Choose from our robust handcuffs, designed for both professional and personal use. Explore our batons and telescopic defense batons, perfect for discreet yet powerful protection. Our defensive sprays offer a fast, incapacitating solution to protect you in the event of a threat. What's more, we offer a variety of accessories to complete your defense equipment. Each product is carefully selected for its quality, reliability and ease of use, ensuring effective personal defense accessible to all.

Anti-aggression pepper spray 50 ml


50 ml container for long-lasting use.
Pepper gel for an immediate, effective reaction.
Precise directional spray for targeted application.
Advanced safety feature with accidental trigger protection.
Meets safety standards for personal defense.
Ideal for travelers, night professionals and everyday defense.

Your ally for reliable, practical personal protection.

Perfecta TP II tactical pen

Features :

Refill type: Parker style
Material: Aluminum, offering lightness and sturdiness
Mechanism: Twist mechanism for ease of use
Length: 150 mm, for a comfortable grip
Weight: 45 g, lightweight and easy to carry
Uses: Fluid writing, emergency glass breaker