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Combat clothing and outfits

Military uniforms and tactical pants are the basic element of a soldier'sequipment.

Both the camouflage and the characteristics of these outfits are adapted to the different environments encountered during outdoor operations , also known as OPEX. They offer a range of protective features, including UV, infrared, mosquito and tear resistance.

Fighter Combat Pants 83cm inseam Cam A10® CE

Fighter combat pants are made from high-quality, tear-resistant Ripstop 5.0 fabric, reinforced at the ankles, knees and seat. Their cut has been designed to enable the user to move on all types of terrain with great comfort and freedom of movement. Fighter combat pants are treated with Teflon® and IR-PROTECT, two essentials for fighters.The Fighter range from A10® EQUIPMENT meets 4 requirements: strength, ergonomics, functionality and technicality.

Guerilla A110 2.0 Hot Climate Arktis shirt

New A110 guerrilla-style shirt for hot climates. Equipped with openings to facilitate ventilation during dynamic activities in hot, humid regions. An essential, reliable lightweight shirt for the jungle and desert. Its checkered fabric is tear-resistant, silent and water-repellent. This new version 2.0 features a mini RipStop fabric, a logo band slot, ergonomic pockets and other small improvements. This new version replaces ARK-A110_2.

GUERILLA RipStop Cam CE Opex pants

The Guerilla-style ripstop combat pants from OPEX are designed to be lightweight and durable. They are ideal for use in wet areas such as Guyana.- Made from 220g/m² Ripstop fabric 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton.- Water-repellent treatment.- Quick-drying.

MBDU Multicam Pants Helikon-Tex

MBDU®pants for Modern Battle Dress Uniform® are part of a set of garments making up a high-performance, hard-wearing uniform. Made from quality fabrics to provide durability and freedom of movement.The pants are cut with a loose fit, and parts of them are made of VersaStretch®fabric, allowing the wearer to move without constraint. A large number of pockets throughout the pant provide ample carrying capacity.Made from original Multicam® camouflage fabric.

This military clothing is suitable for both men and women. The French military uniform is camouflage. French military camouflage clothing is known as "Centre Europe". It corresponds to the different colors used to blend into the landscape and go unnoticed.

French army garb is essentially green, with brown shades.French army clothing is often referred to as "army green" or "khaki".

Of course, you can use this camouflage clothing for all your leisure activities, such as airsoft, hunting, wildlife photography and hiking.

What's the best camouflage?

The best camouflage will depend on the environment in which it is used. Marpat M81 Woodland is highly effective and particularly suited to woodland and forest environments. Especially in autumn and spring.
Multicam® camouflage is particularly effective in temperate climates in summer. The Russian Digital Flora camouflage is equally effective. Which you'll find in combat gear Invader Gear®
In the end, the best camouflage will depend on the area you find yourself in.

Why pixelated camouflage?

Combat suits are called "pixilated" camouflage because the patterns drawn by the camouflage are formed by hundreds of tiny squares, reminiscent of the pixels on a digital screen (computer, TV, telephone, etc.).
Pixelated camouflage, also known as digital camouflage, has the particularity of breaking up the shape of the human body very well. This makes it much easier to blend into the landscape. You become almost invisible.

What kind of camouflage is needed in the forest?

That depends on the type of forest. In a temperate forest like Central Europe, you can use many different camouflages.
Here are some very effective ones: Woodland, Central Europe (French camouflage), Flecktarn (German camouflage), Digital Flora (Russian camouflage).
The main shades used are green, brown and black.

What are the qualities of good camouflage?

A good camouflage outfit should have colors close to the environment in which it is used.(Desert, forest, snow, tundra)
Camouflage patterns should have no distinctive shape.
Camouflage garments should break the shape of the human body as much as possible.

How do I choose camouflage for hunting?

Camouflage is essential for hunting. As with all animals, discretion is essential.
It must also be adapted to the environment.French army camouflage is effective. However, you can also opt for Russian camouflage (Digital Flora), or American multicam® and Scorpion OCP camouflage. Multitarn is a similar British camouflage. German Flecktarn camouflage is also highly effective.

How to make a good camouflage?

Use the elements around you. Thin branches from bushes, tall grass and shrubbery. A sniper's cloak can be used to attach the vegetation to the cloak.