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Lowa ZEPHYR GTX Mid TF Black

Lowa Zephyr Gtx Mid TF Black military boots are the ultimate in military rangers. Forget all your stereotypes about military rangers! They're comfortable, durable and waterproof, thanks to the Gore-Tex (GTX) membrane. The Lowa Zephyr 's breathability, arch support and light weight make it the ideal choice for all your long walks. You'll never want to change military boots again. The Lowa Zephyr Gtx Mid TF Black requires very littlemaintenance. See also our Lowa Zephyr gtx mid women's model in black, and the Lowa Zephyr GTX HI TF high shaft model in black.


The Lowa Zephyr high-top shoe is very light and exceptionally comfortable for use on moderate terrain. The Lowa Zephyr features a breathable Gore-Tex® waterproof membrane suitable for temperate to hot climates to keep feet dry. It's ideal for military or outdoor use on gentle terrain.

Sécu-One 1 Zip A10® shoes

SÉCU-ONE rangers combine comfort and technical features. Made from high-quality, CE-certified materials, this shoe is designed for security professionals who work intensively in urban areas. The SÉCU-ONE shoe stands out for its features, specially designed to meet all the requirements of the security profession.

Sécu-One 1 Zip TCP A10® shoes

Discover the Sécu-One 1 Zip TCP shoes from A10® Equipment, the ideal choice for safety and intervention professionals. Designed to offer optimum comfort while meeting the most demanding requirements, these safety shoes are perfect for the most demanding missions.The ISO-standard composite shell of the Sécu-One 1 Zip TCP shoe offers flawless protection during your missions.

Lowa ZEPHYR MK2 GTX Mid Black

Discover Lowa's ZEPHYR MK2 GTX shoe, a concentrate of performance and comfort designed to meet the demands of professionals in the field. This mid-high boot is the perfect ally for military special units, law enforcement agencies and all those who work in the armed forces. Designed to combine agility, lightness and stability, the ZEPHYR MK2 GTX offers optimum foot support, even during complex maneuvers such as free-rope descents or close combat.