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Military shoes and rangers

Military rangers, combat boots or military shoes are traditionally used by the military . Military shoes are much more resistant and support the ankles. Today, there are a multitude of models, including high upper shoes, mid upper shoes and low upper shoes. You'll also find gendarmerie rangers and police rangers. They also boast a range of features that make them waterproof, hard-wearing and lightweight. Comfortable rangers are now possible. We also offer women's rangers. You'll also discover emblematic ranges such as haix military shoes and Lowa military shoes. See also our selection of tactical pants.

Shoe Cleaner 200ml Lowa

Shoe Clean lotion from Lowa® cleans dirt and nourishes leather. Shoe Clean is suitable for suede, full-grain leather and textiles with or without TEX climatic membrane. Solvent-free, gas-free.

Active Neutral Cream 75ml Lowa

The new LOWA ACTIVE CREME is the ideal colorless intensive cleanser for all leisure, mountain and hiking footwear. This cream preserves leather suppleness over the long term, preventing dryness and cracking caused by regular use.

Sécu-One 1 Zip A10® shoes

SÉCU-ONE rangers combine comfort and technical features. Made from high-quality, CE-certified materials, this shoe is designed for security professionals who work intensively in urban areas. The SÉCU-ONE shoe stands out for its features, specially designed to meet all the requirements of the security profession.

Lowa ZEPHYR MK2 Mid TF Coyote OP

The Zephyr MK2 shoe is very light and exceptionally comfortable for use on moderate terrain. It features a breathable textile lining that makes the shoe highly suitable for use in hot climates. It is ideal for military or outdoor use on less rugged terrain.This new generation shoe features a new non-slip sole, new stitching and a larger, reinforced rear buckle.

Squad 5 Brown shoes Mil-Tec

Walking and hiking shoes. Can also be used professionally, thanks to its excellent resistance and lightness. These shoes are not waterproof. They can be used on moderate terrain from spring to autumn.

Lowa ZEPHYR GTX Mid TF Brown

The Lowa Zephyr Medium Shoe is a very light and exceptionally comfortable shoe for use on moderate terrain. The Lowa Zephyr features a breathable Gore-Tex® waterproof membrane suitable for temperate to hot climates to keep feet dry. The Lowa Zephyr is ideal for military or outdoor use on gentle terrain.

Lowa ZEPHYR Mid TF Desert

The Lowa Zephyr sand military shoe is very light and exceptionally comfortable for use on moderate terrain. It features a breathable textile lining that makes the Lowa Zephyr sand military shoe highly suitable for hot climates, such as desert environments. It is ideal for military or outdoor use on gentle terrain.


The Lowa Zephyr high-top shoe is very light and exceptionally comfortable for use on moderate terrain. The Lowa Zephyr features a breathable Gore-Tex® waterproof membrane suitable for temperate to hot climates to keep feet dry. It's ideal for military or outdoor use on gentle terrain.

Sécu-One 1 Zip TCP A10® shoes

Discover the Sécu-One 1 Zip TCP shoes from A10® Equipment, the ideal choice for safety and intervention professionals. Designed to offer optimum comfort while meeting the most demanding requirements, these safety shoes are perfect for the most demanding missions.The ISO-standard composite shell of the Sécu-One 1 Zip TCP shoe offers flawless protection during your missions.

Scorpion V2 Suede 6" Boots Coyote Pentagon

Designed for tactical operations, the Scorpion V2 was created to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement and military personnel. These boots are made from top-quality full-grain leather or suede, 8 mm thick. These boots feature Hydroguard® waterproof technology for all-day comfort, whatever the environment.


The Magnum SPIDER X-URBAN 5.0 intervention shoe is made from breathable materials, the sole meets SRC standards for hydrocarbon and abrasion resistance, and is shock-absorbent.The SPIDER X-URBAN 5. 0 is totally non-magnetic, making it ideal for officers who need to work with metal detectors.

Olive gaiters Mil-Tec Steel cable

Rain gaiters provide effective protection against the rain. They are placed over your shoes, and the steel cable of the rain gaiters runs under the sole of your military or hiking boots.
The steel cable provides greater resistance to bad weather and abrasion when walking. Your rain gaiters will last even longer.
These rain gaiters are excellent for long walks, as they protect right up to the calf. You'll appreciate this feature if you're wearing a poncho!
Also available in black.

Lowa 3-in-1 Triangular Brush

3-head brush consisting of a half-nylon and half-brass brush, a soft rubber (stains, scratches) and a hard rubber (stains, scratches). Ideal for caring for your Lowa shoes in split leather with velvet and nubuck finish.

Lowa ZEPHYR GTX Mid TF Black

Lowa Zephyr Gtx Mid TF Black military boots are the ultimate in military rangers. Forget all your stereotypes about military rangers! They're comfortable, durable and waterproof, thanks to the Gore-Tex (GTX) membrane. The Lowa Zephyr 's breathability, arch support and light weight make it the ideal choice for all your long walks. You'll never want to change military boots again. The Lowa Zephyr Gtx Mid TF Black requires very littlemaintenance. See also our Lowa Zephyr gtx mid women's model in black, and the Lowa Zephyr GTX HI TF high shaft model in black.

Rangers Megatech Coquée 1 Zip Black CityGuard

Product available to order
The Megatech hocked rangers have a composite shell resistant to 200 joules (fall from a height of one meter by a 20 kg object, or crushing by a 1500 kg object), and comply with European standard EN ISO 20345:2011 SB SRC. The Mégatech has an anti-slip sole resistant to hydrocarbons and abrasion.The Mégatech has a zip fas tening on the inside for quick slip-on without having to tighten the laces.
On sale!


Gendarmerie rangers or police rangers. Waterproof shoe with Michelin sole!- Breathable, abrasion-resistant leather/mesh;- Waterproof membrane (WP = Waterproof);- Armourgel® ankle protection against impact;- YKK® brand zipper on inside (SZ = Side Zip);

What are army shoes called?

Army shoes can be called by many names, such as Rangers or Brodequins: Rangers or Brodequins.
Rangers are the emblematic footwear of thearmy. The origin of its name comes from the American army and its famous corps, the Rangers.
This is a high military shoe that protects the ankle from sprains and animals such as snakes and scorpions during long marches. These military shoes gave their name to the shoes of the French army, which were the boot for jumping and infantrymen for many years, like the legendary BM65. It has equipped generations of soldiers.

Today, the common name is Rangers for models that rise above the ankle, and chaussures militaires mid for intermediate models with a medium shaft.

Where to find military rangers?

You can find military rangers in most military surplus stores and online. If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for, don't worry, contact us! We offer iconic rangers such as World War II jump brodequins. French army rangers of all generations(BM65 and Haix Nepal Pro). You'll also find our flagship product for the military, the Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid . The Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid is just as suitable for the military as it is for law enforcement officers, security guards and private individuals looking for a good hiking boot.

Of course, you can find military rangers in our Mode Tactique military surplus store in Aubière near Clermont-Ferrand in the Puy-De-Dôme (63 ) region of Auvergne. Or simply order them online. Don't hesitate to contact us to help you choose your size or for personalized advice, or drop by our boutique to try on your size.

What are the best rangers?

The best rangers on the market for both professional and private use are without doubt the Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid, which offer an excellent balance between breathability and waterproofing. They're also the lightest tactical shoes on the market, weighing in at 560g per shoe for size 42. You benefit from arch support and the option of adding insoles for even greater comfort.

Other brands in the sector have nothing to be ashamed of either! This is particularly true of Salomon brand, whose features are similar to those of the Lowa Zephyr, but which is more suited to people with slender feet. Finally, Magnum is another market leader. However, these are more suited to law enforcement and security personnel.

A10 Equipment and Mil-Tec are also excellent compromises for those on a tighter budget, who still want a good ranger or cheap military shoe.

In our experience, if there's an answer to the question " What are the best military shoes?", follow our advice and take a closer look at our brands listed here!