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Fitting accessories

A wide range ofgun accessories, designed to meet all your performance and safety needs. Whether you're a shooting enthusiast or a professional, our selection will satisfy your most demanding requirements. Dive into our world ofprecision optics andsighting aids to improve your accuracy. Maintain and preserve the quality of your guns with our specialized cleaning solutions. Ensure optimum safety with our robust and reliable transport and storage equipment. Enhance your training with a variety of targets to suit all levels. Complete your equipment with our ergonomic straps, protective mats and high-quality extractors. Each item is selected for its performance and reliability, guaranteeing an optimal experience for every user.

Perfecta TP II tactical pen

Features :

Refill type: Parker style
Material: Aluminum, offering lightness and sturdiness
Mechanism: Twist mechanism for ease of use
Length: 150 mm, for a comfortable grip
Weight: 45 g, lightweight and easy to carry
Uses: Fluid writing, emergency glass breaker

Cleanser 59ml Breakthrough

Copper remover Breakthrough® Clean's "Copper Remover" in 59 ml provides safe, effective copper cleaning without petroleum or ammonia. It removes copper easily and prevents re-deposition. Can be used in all types of barrels without damaging or polluting them, while avoiding the very strong, noxious odors of other products on the market.