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An expert range ofsurvival shelters andsleeping equipment, specially designed for outdoor andtactical adventure enthusiasts. Discover rugged tents, all-season sleeping bags and high-quality survival accessories. Each product is carefully selected to ensure safety, comfort and durability in the most demanding environments. Get ready for your next adventure with, your trusted ally for reliable, high-performance survival gear. survival gear

Highlander NAP-PAK Inflatable Mattress

Stay warm by reducing heat loss between your body and the ground, and get a good night's sleep with the NAP-PAK air mattress. This compact little mat is durable, made of ripstop nylon and ultra-light (415 g) without compromising comfort and warmth by using air-cell deflectors to provide a more even distribution of pressure on the mattress for a comfortable night's sleep. The ultra-compact dimensions of the NAP-PAK air mattress make it an ideal companion for all your bivouac outings.

Emergency Tarpaulin 210x150 Green MFH

Emergency tarpaulin for use as a survival blanket. This emergency tarpaulin is reinforced at the corners and has 4 eyelets for fastening.The emergency tarpaulin can be used as a ground sheet to increase your insulation from the ground when bivouacking.

Snugpak Sleeper Lite Olive Green

The Sleeper Lite is an Olive Green sleeping bag (in the Snugpak catalog) that performs well and is lightweight for the right size. Sturdy, durable down with a soft-touch finish that's ideal for camping or for keeping in the trunk of your car for emergencies. Made from highly siliconized synthetic fibers that give a longer life than traditional products filled with hollow fibers.

Snugpak Sleeper Zero Camo

Lightweight, compact and discreet sarcophagus-type sleeping bag suitable for the field or car boot. A down sleeping bag with excellent value for money, its filling of highly siliconized synthetic fibers will last longer than traditional hollow-fiber products. Its hood is padded for comfort.

Highlander DPM Z compact floor mat


Composition: PU-coated polyester with foam core PE
Dimensions: 185 cm x 45 cm, perfect for individual sleeping
Folded dimensions: 48 cm x 23 cm x 8 cm, ideal for transporting
Thickness: 1.3 cm, great sleeping comfort
Weight: 600g, ultra-light for easy transport and mobility