How good it is to rest in a hammock or on a pico bed

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Selection of products for your nights in the field

TREKKER Olive Highlander military hammock

The Trekker is a lightweight, durable hammock and a great item to have in your backpack. Made from sturdy polyamide and supplied with a suspension kit and utility cord, this Trekker hammock is quick and easy to set up, enabling you to sleep in the toughest conditions on cold, damp or uneven ground.

Highlander NAP-PAK Inflatable Mattress

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Stay warm by reducing heat loss between your body and the ground, and get a good night's sleep with the NAP-PAK air mattress. This compact little mat is durable, made of ripstop nylon and ultra-light (415 g) without compromising comfort and warmth by using air-cell deflectors to provide a more even distribution of pressure on the mattress for a comfortable night's sleep. The ultra-compact dimensions of the NAP-PAK air mattress make it an ideal companion for all your bivouac outings.