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Hammock & Camp Bed

We offer you the essentials for sleeping as comfortably as possible on terrain, at bivouac. We have selected for you the equipment that benefits from the best feedback frommilitary experience. Hammock with mosquito net, mesh hammock, waterproof insulating ground sheet.

What equipment for bivouacs?
Think of combining your purchase of military hammock and ground sheet with a tarpaulin for maximum comfort. And don't forget tensioners and stakes !

How to make a military bivouac? Any questions?
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TREKKER Olive Highlander military hammock

The Trekker is a lightweight, durable hammock and a great item to have in your backpack. Made from sturdy polyamide and supplied with a suspension kit and utility cord, this Trekker hammock is quick and easy to set up, enabling you to sleep in the toughest conditions on cold, damp or uneven ground.