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Shoe & Shoelace Care

Discover our selection ofaccessories for the care of your military boots. Brushes, polishes, soles, laces, waterproofing, greases. Don't neglect thecare of your military footwear. Proper care of rangers and tactical military footwear will considerably increase their lifespan. You can also think about insoles, which will increase the comfort and cushioning of all your military shoes. We can advise you on the maintenance of military footwear, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Shoe Cleaner 200ml Lowa

Shoe Clean lotion from Lowa® cleans dirt and nourishes leather. Shoe Clean is suitable for suede, full-grain leather and textiles with or without TEX climatic membrane. Solvent-free, gas-free.

Active Neutral Cream 75ml Lowa

The new LOWA ACTIVE CREME is the ideal colorless intensive cleanser for all leisure, mountain and hiking footwear. This cream preserves leather suppleness over the long term, preventing dryness and cracking caused by regular use.

Olive gaiters Mil-Tec Steel cable

Rain gaiters provide effective protection against the rain. They are placed over your shoes, and the steel cable of the rain gaiters runs under the sole of your military or hiking boots.
The steel cable provides greater resistance to bad weather and abrasion when walking. Your rain gaiters will last even longer.
These rain gaiters are excellent for long walks, as they protect right up to the calf. You'll appreciate this feature if you're wearing a poncho!
Also available in black.