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Professional Headwear

The head is one of the main means of regulating our body temperature. So don't neglect it! Here you'll find our caps, bush hats, bonnie-ATs, balaclavas, bonnets, scarves, shemaghs and much more! A selection of tactical pants is also available

Boonie Hat Mod 3 Digital Flora Invader Gear

The boonie hat mod 3 is the revisited version of Invader Gear of the bob jungle hat in ripstop fabric. The boonie hat mod 3 is equipped with a drawstring for a perfect fit. The boonie hat mod 3 features numerous loops for adding camouflage elements and two Velcro panels for patches and badges.

Bob Jungle US Olive Mil-Tec

The Bob Jungle US is also known as the Boonie Hat or bush hat. Originally used by American commandos, it quickly became popular for its look, practicality and sturdiness. The thick fabric offers excellent protection from the sun. It can be fitted with vegetation for camouflage, and even a mosquito net for the head.