List of products by brand Ganzo

Knife manufacturer Ganzo has been in business for over 20 years, and has become an internationally recognized brand, reaching beyond the borders of China to the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand and many other countries.

This renown is due to a development strategy based on the use of selected quality materials and high-performance technical designs. One example is the use of 440C high-carbon steel for the production of knives, which is durable and resistant to the various effects of cutting plastics and other abrasive materials.

From the wide range of Ganzo tools, it is possible to select those that meet the objective and professional level required. For example, the Ganzo Touch Pro Ultra, Ganzo Touch Pro, Ganzo 501 sharpening systems can be used to sharpen various high-quality blades, including - serrated knives. In which, the user can define and set the required sharpening angle. At the same time, you can buy very small pocket sharpeners such as Ganzo G505, Ganzo G506, replaceable grinding wheels that you can take with you hunting or hiking. They won't take up much space, but you can easily restore the sharpness to your knife.

The same wide variety can be found among the Ganzo knives. At the customer's service, there are folding knives for hunting, touring and city use. 440C stainless steel - which retains its sharpness well - as well as impact-resistant plastics and composite materials for the handles - are used for all of them. A knife like this will come in handy during any kind of rest: fishing, picnicking or serious hiking. With this knife, you can prepare meals, clean fish or cut the carcass when hunting, open cans or cut the branch - you won't be able to list them all.

Multi-tool is a tool for people who want to be sure of having, in all conditions, the tools "at hand" needed for repair. It's compact and lightweight, yet combines a host of practical tools: from knife and bottle opener to screwdriver, saw and punch sets. Of course, the central tool of every multi-tool is a pair of pliers that can also be used as cutting pliers. Every cyclist tries to fit a multi-tool into a bike kit, and tourists will certainly take it with them in a backpack. Using it, it's easy to repair gear, hiking equipment and even fix the slider on a jacket clasp.